Friday, June 15, 2012

Total Toadz for iPhone, now available!

Phoolish Games is thrilled to announce the release of our first ever game!  Total Toadz is a fast-paced, math-based, in-your-face, iPhone-placed, flicking game!

Check it out on iTunes: Total Toadz!

Why you should purchase and play it:
We built Total Toadz upon the foundations of what we want from an iPhone game.  It's got short rounds that can last anywhere from 60 seconds to 5 minutes if you are amazing.  It's all about flicking, a super satisfying mechanic that just feels good on your iPhone.  And on top of that, if you plan on setting any high scores, you have to play smart!

The toadz have math symbols, and the bugs have numbers.  Pay attention to what you are eating and watch your scores skyrocket!  Or just flick wantonly, and see how long you can eat bugs before they overwhelm you.

What exactly is Total Toadz about?
Our game was inspired by Farmville.  In Farmville and so many other games, your score means nothing.  Who cares what level they are in Farmville?  We wanted a game where your score was integral to the design.

In Total Toadz, a good score represents a mastery of both quick reflexes and quick thinking.  You are literally adding and subtracting to your score.  If you pay attention, you'll see your score go up as you eat positive bugs with plus toadz and negative bugs with negative toadz.  But if you aren't attentive or get overwhelmed and cannot flick smartly, your score will go nowhere.

Eventually you will lose, but the more you play Total Toadz, the more you will pick up what to look for, what to sacrifice, and how to think with speed.


We hope you will find the time to try out our simple and seductive thinking game.  We think you will find a cool game hidden beneath a friendly layer of hungry toadz snacking on a buffet of bugs!

-Randy and Mike

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who we are

I'm Michael, a San Jose State University soon-to-be computer science graduate. I worked at NASA for six and half years, up until a month ago or so. I quit to focus on my schooling. You can find me on twitter, and at my personal development blog. I am the main (and only) programmer/technical person here at Phoolish Games.

Who's that over there you say? Oh, that's Randy! He's a game artist/designer who has been working the mobile/indie scene for a few years now. You can also find him on twitter, at his personal website, or at his gamasutra expert blog. Randy is the main (and only) artist/designer person here at Phoolish Games.

We both like being outside, being called by our first names, and making games! AMA in the comments, if you wish.

Working Title

Hey Everyone!

No, we're not dead. We've just been busy. Really! A lot has changed since the last iteration of the game from like...a year ago. But, have faith, we're almost done! Help us help you by selecting the name of the game by visiting our name picking survey! (Hence the blog post title)

Annnnnnd while you're here, make sure to check out Randy's own unique zombie fighting game, Dead End.